Christmas Eve…

As I reflect on the many Christmas‘s that have come and gone…I can honestly say that there hasn’t been any one year better than another.
 Each and every Christmas has been special in its own.

My most prevalent thought when I think of Christmas is when I was very young; the excitement of the gifts to be opened on Christmas morning was delayed every year until dad and grandpa finished the morning milking and chores. My brother and I would run to the window that had a clear view of the milking parlor and kept a constant report to mom as to when the milkers were back on the rack where they rested before the next milking. We were allowed to open one gift before they came in from the barn.  The anticipation of moving on to the next package was a true test of patience, especially for a young child…and I’m sure for my mother too.

I also remember my grandpa telling me every year about a special Christmas he had as a child. He had received a piece of peppermint candy and a fresh orange. I thought it to be odd that this was so special until I came to realize as I grew older hearing the story…he had never tasted a fresh orange before.

May we all reflect on our special memories of Christmas and remember those who made it that way. I truly miss my mother and grandparents but I also treasure the loved ones in my life today. As we gather this day and evening to celebrate the birth of our Savior may we all give thanks for our blessings and say a prayer for those less fortunate. And remember…the truest gift ever given… Jesus.

Have a Blessed Evening…
The Gourmet Farm Girl