Garden Time…

With the  nice weather for the past two weekends,  I have been able to get the garden planted.
I have added another 4×8 bed and have  plans for two more of the same size.  

The Salad and Herb Garden is coming
 along nicelythis was planted earlier in the Spring 


Notice the seedlings of Basil coming on
next to the Sage.
This is going to be my new perennial garden, notice the Wisteria blooming on the right…
there will be an arbor for the Wisteria vines to grow on and picket fencing in each of the four corners, a circle garden in the center with pathways cutting throughout the entire garden.
Check back for updates, I will be posting photos as things progress.
God almighty first planted a garden. And, in deed, it is the purest of human pleasures.

Francis Bacon
Enjoy your day!
The Gourmet Farm Girl