North South Soup…with Glory Foods

Vegetable Soup with Blackeye Peas and Sweet Potatoes

By The Gourmet Farm Girl

I have made many pots of soup over the years and veggie soup is a family favorite. Since I have some new freezer beef I decided to make a pot using the stew meat. I also decided to try something different; as I stared at my panty shelves the can of Glory Foods Seasoned Southern Style Blackeye Peas said “use me in the soup” so I have created a new soup recipe combining the North and the South. I had some sweet potatoes on hand so I replaced the white potatoes with the sweet potatoes

The blackeye peas are made by a local company here in Columbus specializing in Southern Style cooking; I always try to use local products whenever I can. The smokey flavor and texture of the blackeye peas was a nice addition.

2-2 ½ lbs Stew Meat
3 t. extra virgin olive oil
2 garlic cloves minced or 1 t. garlic powder
1 t. dried basil
1 t. sea salt (or to taste)
2 T dried parsley or fresh chopped
½ t ground black peppercorns (or to taste)
1-2 beef bouillon cubes (optional)
3 14 oz cans beef broth
1 14 oz can vegetable broth
½ medium white onion
½ medium red onion
2 bay leaves
3 stalks celery and some of the light leaves
2 stalks carrots chopped
2 medium size sweet potatoes

1 15 oz can of blackeye peas                                                                           
1 can corn (or 2 ears of sweet corn blanched and cut off the cob)
1 small yellow zucchini
1 small green zucchini
1 qt tomato juice

In a heavy stock pot brown the meat in the olive oil on med heat until it starts to turn brown
Add the garlic, basil, salt, pepper, parsley, ½ of the onion and bouillon cubes to the meat and cook on medium heat till the moisture starts to reduce. (Do not let go dry) add the broth and let the meat and seasoning cook until tender 30-35 minutes. Could be less or more time (You will need to taste test to see if the meat is getting tender)

As soon as the meat starts to tender: Add the chopped celery with some of the light green leaves, carrots, bay leaves and the other half of the onion. Reduce heat and let simmer until the vegetables begin to tender; 15-20 minutes longer
Add the corn, blackeye peas, sweet potatoes, zucchini and tomato juice; continue to simmer till all is tender and flavors come together; 15-20 minutes

Serve with some fresh baked bread or crackers and a side salad.