Week-end Breakfast Time…

 Breakfast Wrap with Eggs, Cheese, Bacon and Veggies
By The Gourmet Farm Girl 

4 eggs
6 asparagus spears (chopped)
2 tablespoons sliced black olives
5 scallions diced (with some of the greens)
4 strips smoked bacon (turkey bacon works also)
2 soft tortilla wraps
1/4 cup shredded mild cheddar cheese
Spinach leaves or your favorite greens
Salt and pepper to taste

Precook bacon drain and set aside.
Rinse asparagus spears and chop into bit size pieces; discarding ends.  Precook asparagus with 2-3 tablespoons water in a glass bowl in microwave for 30-40 seconds; drain and set aside.
Wrap tortilla shells in foil and place in 200 degree oven; warm for 5-6 minutes 
Beat eggs and pour into a preheated skillet sprayed with vegetable oil over medium heat; add scallions, olives, asparagus and cheese, salt and pepper. Gently fold the eggs and vegetables together till eggs are cooked through; do not over stir, reduce heat if necessary, eggs should cook slowly.
Remove shells from oven and layer a few spinach leaves on top, spoon eggs onto leaves and top with bacon and extra cheese is desired.
This recipe makes two wraps