Welcome to my Blog

Hello and welcome to my blog about farm life in America and the great food that goes with it!
I was raised on a dairy and grain farm in northern Ohio. I spent many days in the kitchen with grandma and mom cooking up dinner and supper.
I have learned to take simple basic foods and add my own flair to make dishes that are well…let’s just say that is where the name Gourmet Farm Girl originates.
When I was growing up we called the noon meal dinner because it was the biggest meal of the day. The reason was that the men were out working early after breakfast and were quite hungry by noon and needed a substantial meal to finish out their day. Supper was the evening meal after chores and was lighter. Either way, the food was home made goodness usually fresh from the garden or off the pantry shelf.
I raised my 3 children with a strong connection to the farm and they became a part of America’s farm kids, working on the farm, showing livestock at the county fair and sharing in family heritage.
They were fortunate in the fact they built strong bonds with their grand-parents and even their great grand-parents. It is rare in today’s world to have such an opportunity. I feel fortunate and they realize this fortune also. As our lives keep changing and the world keeps moving we as a family look back many times to the very essence of the farm life that shaped our futures and our characters.
The farm is still in operation today, it has a long history. Built from German immigrants in the early 1800’s it has many stories and many great meals to share.
My children have asked me many times to write down my recipes, so let’s begin!
The Gourmet Farm Girl