Sashimi Tuna with Fresh Ginger and Wasabi

Sashimi Tuna with Fresh Ginger and Wasabi

  The Gourmet Farm Girl

I love this delicious meal at our favorite restaurant. It is so rich and full of great flavors with the wasabi, soy sauce and fresh ginger. So I decided to give it a try…
Here are a few things I learned about Ginger. It comes in two forms young and mature. Young roots, are called green or spring ginger, it has a pale thin skin that requires no peeling, and it is very tender with a milder flavor. It can be grated chopped or julienned. Mature ginger root has a tough skin that needs to be peeled away to get to the flesh and is usually grated, chopped or ground for use.
I used the young ginger and chopped it for my Sashimi. The ginger that is served at the restaurant is bright pink in color and is thinly sliced and has sweetness to it. Here is what I discovered about this Ginger. It is called gari or beni shoga in Japan; it is pickled in sweet vinegar and is usually colored bright red or pink. It is used with sushi and is also eaten to refresh the breath. This ginger can be found at Asian markets and should be kept refrigerated.
Wasabi is another unique flavor and can almost take your breath away. Here is what I have found out about this root This very pungent green Japanese condiment is made from the root of the herb Eutrema wasabi. Wasabi is generally sold either in the form of a root (real wasabi) which needs to be finely grated before use or it comes in a ready-to-use paste (horseradish, mustard and food coloring) usually packaged in tubes. I used a prepared mustard and horseradish with wasabi. It worked well with my Sashimi.
2 Ahi Tuna Steaks

2-3 Tablespoons Black sesame Seeds

1/3 cup Peanut Oil
Brush some oil on each side of the tuna steaks and sprinkle with the sesame seeds; coat each side of the steaks till black with seeds.

Heat the peanut oil in a medium size skillet till hot and place the steaks in the oil and sear on each side about 30-40 seconds.

You will be able to see the fish cooking as it turns opaque on the outer edges; leaving the center of the steaks rare.
Take out of pan and place on a plate to cool for a few minutes then cover and place in the refrigerator for 45-60 minutes till chilled


Slice thin and serve over a bed of chopped cabbage or lettuce with your choice of wasabi and ginger and soy sauce for dipping.

Serves 2-3
Double recipe for more