Ahhh…Summer time!

Sangria Style Raspberry Sun Tea
by The Gourmet Farm Girl
This is a very refreshing summer time drink. Great when entertaining family and friends…I hope you ENJOY!

1 Gallon glass container
8 raspberry flavor tea bags
2 red tea bags
10-12 sprigs of fresh mint
¼ cup sugar
1 pint fresh raspberries
1 pint fresh blackberries
1 lemon (sliced)

2 cups raspberry vodka

Add cold water to a 1 gallon glass jug and place the tea bags, sugar and half of the mint leaves to the container and brew in the sunlight for 5-6 hours; while tea is brewing place the berries in freezer to freeze

Remove teabags and mint; place in the refrigerator and chill
When ready to serve; add the frozen berries, vodka, and half of the lemon (sliced) and a few more sprigs of fresh mint
Adjust the sweetness by placing sugar bowl or Splenda pkt’s on serving tray along with the other half of the lemon slices and fresh mint.  You can adjust the vodka too, or leave out it is still very tasty and  refreshing!
Serves 6-8