County Fair Time…

Crawford County Fair
The county fair was always one of the great anticipations of the summer and a big event for kids growing up in the country. I remember being so excited and could not wait till the time arrived to take the animals and all the gear that would be needed to the fairgrounds.
Yep…that is me helping my brother get his pig ready.
As soon as you arrived it was a mad dash to pick out your spot in the hog barn or dairy barn or goat, or sheep, or rabbit or poultry or well you get the idea… the spot was important because of the antics that would take place for the next 7 days so you had be close to your counterparts; such as the wheelbarrow rides with a pile of manure in the bottom and a fresh layer of straw on the top to cover it up. There would be an invite to an unsuspecting target to partake in a wheelbarrow ride…get the idea? Oh…and the 5 gallon bucket of water precisely placed on the rafter of the barn with a pull string attached, get the picture of what happened to our next prey…this usually started a water fight with hoses and lots of buckets, it was all in good fun!

My sons getting their dairy beef calves ready for the fair…or the one watching the other one???
Yikes…me again with my heifer.

You just knew the week would be a ton of fun with friends and new acquaintances…and sometimes a new heart throb. (Ahhh… the teenage years) I learned the truest of commonality thru these years and so did my children. Perhaps the competition was not as intense as one might expect. Whatever your project was it was important, but more than anything it was a time when kids were allowed to be kids and for a few summer days every year families which included the young and the old spent taking some time out (remember the chores at home still needed to be done) but always made the necessary arrangements to create some memories at the county fair.
My daughter getting her dairy beef feeder calf ready..taken by the local newspaper…notice the boots in the background? Yes…me again!  
These two always seemed to get their photo taken by the local newspaper checking out the newest of farm equipment.   
Isn’t she pretty? The heifer that is…
What a Goof off…
There was always time for a ride…I especially remember my dad taking me on the Ferris Wheel when I was a little girl.
Wonderful memories…I hope you ENJOYED
my trip down memory lane!

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