Family Favorite…

This Strawberry Pie recipe was my mother’s recipe. She made many of these beauties over the years.

When I was in high school; I remember coming home after track practice in the Spring time and mom would have a pie made. I would sit at the kitchen table and devour a piece with whipped cream and feel so special that she made this pie for me, at least that is how she made me feel; like it was our time to sit and talk and enjoy the warm spring breezes that would come through the porch and into the kitchen.
 It was chore time on the farm and I can still hear the sounds of the baby calves crying for their milk and my seeing my grandpa carrying the buckets of milk out to the calf pen as I enjoyed every bite of my pie. 
Thirty years ago strawberries were not always available as they are today. We had to wait till Spring and purchase California berries that were shipped in. By June the Ohio berries would be available. (these are the best ones) I have very fond memories of Strawberry Pie…especially this recipe. I think you will find it very special too. It is easy to make and a store bought pie crust works well with it too.

Mom’s Strawberry Pie
The Gourmet Farm Girl 

¾ cup sugar
2 T corn starch
1 1/2 cups water
1- 3 oz box (regular) strawberry jello

1 – 1 ½ qt fresh strawberries
depends on the size of the berries                                    


Combine the sugar, cornstarch and water in a medium size sauce pan and cook on medium to high heat till thick; stirring often. I use a wire wisk to start with; then a large wooden spoon

(The two secret ingredients)

When it begins to bubble and turn thick remove from heat and add the jello;stir till dissolved

Set aside to cool, stirring occasionally to prevent a film from forming 

Clean and slice the strawberries; when the sauce is cooled down (it can be a bit warm) add the strawberries and pour into a baked pie shell

Cover with wax paper and refrigerate till it sets up (2-3 hours) before serving

Don’t forget the Whipped Cream!!!


My three loved grandma’s pie too!
April 5th… Mom/Grandma’s Birthday! We miss you!

(Home Made Pie Crusts recipe to follow next post)