Gourmet Salts

The Farm Girl’s Gourmet Hamburger with Hawaiian Sea Salt

  By The Gourmet Farm Girl

If you and your family like hamburgers this is great way to step it up and add some extra flavor… now that the weather has allowed us to fire up the grill this is even more tasty!
If you do not have the privilege of having your own farm raised beef just make sure it is quality hamburger.
Let’s talk about salt… I have also been researching about salts and the unique flavors that can enhance food.

Grandma always made a point to let us know that salt was not added to her dishes but I must admit I like salts…and if granny only knew about the delicious effects of these salts I’m sure she would have agreed.

Start with FRESH for this sandwich…    
1 lbs Hamburger
Leaf lettuce
1 small Red onion
2 Avocados
2 ripe tomatoes

Swiss, provolone or your favorite cheese
Hawaiian Red Sea Salts (can be omitted)
Fresh baked deli hamburger buns

Shape hamburger into a quarter pound size patty (or less) sprinkle with the salt
Remember to let your patties sit at room temp before grilling

Grill to your liking and place a piece of swiss and provolone on each burger to melt before removing from heat, plate the burgers and tent for a few minutes with aluminum foil

Slice buns in half and spread no salt butter on each side and place under broiler for a few minute to toast

Here is the fun part; lay a piece of lettuce on the bottom bun and place burger on top
Stack up the rest of the vegetables according to your liking.

The avocado replaces mayonnaise and is much healthier with its omega 3
Adjust salt if needed

Makes 4 burgers