It’s Peony Flower Season…

The Peony Flower
My grandmother had a picket fence built many years ago. I remember as a young girl growing up on the farm the beautiful Peony bushes that grew along side of these pickets. The fence always seemed to be in need of some new white paint. I also recall my attempts to paint this stretch of fence every summer. Note… I said attempt; I never seemed to get the job completed before fall set in. Never-the-less the beautiful Peony’s would always bring a smile to my face and brighten my day. Not to mention the wonderful aroma they would send out to whom ever walked by or when I attempted to paint the pickets.

When the fence was torn down in later years, I removed some of the Peony bulbs and transplanted them to my home. They grew beautifully and when I moved several times later throughout my life I continued to transplant some of the bulbs. I still have some of these beauties and the memories.

ENJOY Your Day…
The Gourmet Farm Girl