Little Bit of History…

Old Advertising Piece for Farm Equipment
By the Shunk Plow Co, Bucyrus Ohio
from the Gourmet Farm Girl’s personal collection
My research on this piece is interesting; Mr. Shunk was born in 1797 and died 1892
He was born in Somerset Co. Pa. and started building his own carpenter tools and his first wagon by the age of eight.
In 1843 he purchaed a patent to manufacture a certain kind of plow and opened his first plant in Xenia Ohio.
In 1854, Mr. Shunk came to Bucyrus and built a brick shop to manufacture his plows along with the Handy Steel Farm Wagons, steel plows, combination plows, contractors’ plows, single shovel plows, potato
diggers, steel plow shapes and steel plow beams made to pattern, gas engine trucks, steel scraper blades, corn harvesters and other steel implements.
I found this picture online from the: List of Photos in the booklet “Beautiful Bucyrus”

“Views in Bucyrus 1911”