My First Cook Book…

As some of you may know I am working on my first Cook Book
 as The Gourmet Farm Girl.
 Little did I realize I already had a first cook book. I just had to share this…

  My father recently found this and asked me if I wanted it? I must admit I do not remember all the details about making this Recipe Book, but I do recall it was a class project when in elementary school. So if any of my old schoolmates from Whetstone are reading this perhaps you may remember this as well.

We were to collect our mothers’ favorite recipe and our teacher made copies for us to assemble a recipe book to give to them. As I looked through this delightful little collection it brought a smile and a tear for all the wonderful memories of years ago… I ENJOYED this!

Whetstone School
Crawford County Ohio

Photo from the personal collection of The Gourmet Farm Girl