Picken Peppers…again!

Pepper Relish
The Gourmet Farm Girl

20-25 assormet of fresh peppers
3-4 onions (I used red for color)
1 cup cider vinegar
3 cups white vinegar
2 cups brown sugar
3 T mustard seed
1 T celery seed
1 T salt
2 T corn starch

Chop the peppers and onions in a large bowl of a food processor; add the salt and let sit for 10-15 minutes
In a medium size non reactive pan, dissolve the vinegar and brown sugar over medium heat; add the remaining ingredients reduce heat and simmer to flavor up; 10- 15 minutes

Fill jars with the pepper mixture (some of the juice will be left over) process in your canner according to the directions for relish

Makes 9 half pints

This is great on brats and hotdogs or use with tacos and nachos;
 great with cream cheese and crackers as a appetizer.