The Freezer Beef is here…

Grilled Rib Steaks with Basil Sautéed Mushrooms
The Gourmet Farm Girl

I picked up my freezer beef today and filled the freezer full of some great looking cuts of beef.

My oldest son not only milks cows but raises beef for this particular reason…

 You can certainly buy great cuts of meat at your local market. I just like having the freshness of the beef that is locally butchered with no color or additives.
Just a couple of tips I have learned over the years when it comes to grilling steak.
Choose a steak that has even marbling throughout. Such good cuts are top loin, which are Rib Steaks, Fillet Mignon or T-Bone.

An hour before grilling, baste with extra virgin olive oil or my Italian Flavored Infused Oil and season the steak with your favorite seasoning or my Farm Girl’s House Seasoning Blend. You can also do this the day before, but I don’t really think you gain much by doing so, unless you are getting into 2-inch thickness or more. If you are adding salt and pepper be sure to add a bit more since it tends to fall off when you place on the grill.
The grill temperature is important; if using charcoal, create two areas on the grill: one area of hotter coals for searing the meat, and a cooler one for cooking and keeping the meat warm. For a gas grill, have the heat medium to high range to sear the steak when you place on the grill; but you will want to lower the heat for the cooking portion.

If you have grilled steaks over the years you most likely have your own techniques and you know by looking at it when it’s time to turn it or remove it. But if you want to be more accurate on the doneness of the meat use a small meat thermometer; 140-145 degrees is rare, 155-160 degrees is medium and over 165 to 170 is well.
 If you don’t have a meat thermometer; another technique is to insert a small metal skewer into the center of the steak and when you remove it place it on the tip of your tongue; if it is just warm you have a rare to medium steak; if it is hot your steak is cooked through and well done. Remember to turn only once for each side or you will lose too much juice.

Remove the steak from the grill when it’s done, and let it cool for about 5-6 minutes. The cooling process allows the juices to seep out and you will a have a steak with juice and a nice brown crust.
He started young…

Basil Sautéed Mushrooms
The Gourmet Farm Girl

8-10 oz’s of fresh Portabella or White Mushrooms       

3-4 T Butter
2-3 cloves of chopped garlic

1 t dried basil or 2-3 Tablespoons fresh chopped basil
1-2 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil or Italian Flavored Infused oil
Cracked black pepper to taste
Heat the butter and oil in sauté pan over medium to high heat add the seasonings and mushrooms and sauté till tender.