Visit to the Spring Garden…

Sunday was a beautiful day compared to today’s rain; I managed to get the rest of my Summer garden planted, this rain will be a welcome to my plants!

Garden Spring Salad
The Gourmet Farm Girl
I picked spinach today…matter of fact I picked a lot of spinach today…I picked butter lettuce, red leaf lettuce, black Simpson lettuce and red onions…I guess tonight’s supper is going to be a salad!

Salads are an everyday plate at our dinner table. Even if you do not grow your own lettuce, the availability of leaf lettuce at the market is amazing considering I grew up mainly on Iceberg head lettuce. It wasn’t till spring or summer that we had the beautiful tender leaves from the garden.
Here is a salad suggestion using your favorite greens and either the Vinaigrette or Classic Celery Seed Dressing posted under Recipes on the left side of the Home page.

I added some sliced Peppered Pork Medallions and blanched asparagus with a baked sweet potatoes and crusty garlic toast.
Pork recipe to follow this post